Monique interviews Reshma Shetty and Seth Gabel for SHOCKYA

Shockya: Was there anything that surprised you about doing this movie? Did you learn something about the military that you didn’t know before?

Shetty: As I say, I’ve been learning a lot more about that…area. I just the camaraderie is a huge through-line throughout the movie. It’s something that—as I say, I’ve worked with the USO and I’ve gone to the Walter Reeves Hospital in DC and to meet wounded warriors who have come from Iraq…and to meet their families is really humbling to see these people who protect you. I don’t think the everyday person gets it. I mean, we watch stuff on TV, or we support them of course, but we don’t get it. And I think I started to draw from this movie and being around that is that.

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Shockya: What kind of research did you do to inhabit your role?

Gabel: There was a lot of discussion with the director and producers about their experiences. I got to sit down with some ex-Navy SEALS and Green Berets and some people who are currently in the national guard and talk about their experiences. We as a cast got to have a group jam and we got to do a lot of rehearsals together with me and Bow Wow and Pablo [Schreiber] and Malik [Yoba]. We really had a sense of camaraderie and we really felt like a unit going into the film and as we shot the film, we felt that connection get torn apart, which was a really great way to do it.