Karen Benardello interviews with Bow Wow, Aidan Quinn, and Director Michael Connors for YAHOO! VOICES.

Q: What was your working relationship together like while you were filming 'Allegiance?' How closely did you collaborate during the shoot?

It became very work-oriented, because we worked right through the script. (laughs) We did four scenes in one day. We started with a big monologue of mine, so we got right to work. We did a lot of movements at a lot of locations. We wouldn't have been able to pull off what we did in one day of shooting on any other film.

I guess one of the benefits of having a lot of military people on your set is that things get done.

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Q: Michael Connors, the writer and director of the film, was also a soldier before he became a filmmaker. Did you speak with him at all while you were shooting the movie about his experiences in the Army?

Bow Wow: Yeah, Michael definitely talked to us and told us stories. I remember going to the fire department and learning how to stick a needle in somebody's arm and things like that. It was crazy. I played a medic, so I also rolled with medics and different things like that.

But Michael was always walking around set, telling us how it was when he was in the military. We were asking questions here and there. He would share stories, and stuff like that. It was really fun; I had a lot of fun shooting this film.

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